Lamphier and Company was founded over 50 years ago in 1965. We are a Sanford, Florida based corporation who specializes in all aspects of Waterproofing, Coatings and Restoration. Our method for achieving consistent superior results stands in contrast as to how other contractors or consultants operate. Our method is simpler, more effective and it eliminates the possibility of finger pointing. It has also been proven in Florida for over 30 years.

Lamphier & Company provides inspection of the project where we learn what we can about the construction type, methodology, intent of the design and current condition. When the inspection is completed, we share our findings with the client. After consulting comes the scope, specifications and line item costs.

We are particularly well-suited to work in highly sensitive environments as all Lamphier full-time employees have been through a multi-level back-round check. When a client decides to contract with us, they understand that all workmanship will be done by our employees, not sub-contractors. We work whatever schedule is necessary to complete the project on time. We remain in total control of the project from inspection to completion.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide intelligent cost-effective solutions to the challenges of building safety, protections and preservation. Our Vision is to identify problems, explore and develop solutions and apply new technologies in response to the ever-changing influences in our field. We remain flexible and considerate in customizing solutions to the client’s unique individual needs. Integrity is one of our most valuable assets and drives our decisions and actions.

Who We Are

Lamphier & Company has developed a unique method that simplifies the process of protecting physical assets. We provide inspection, testing and condition surveys at no cost. We develop a prioritized plan of action that includes a specific custom design approach, also at no cost. We then explain our conclusions and recommendations using our decades of experience as a guide. Lamphier & Company always remains impartial when specifying products to provide the best return on investment. In fact, we prefer to work with clients who place a high value on sustainability. Once we finish our assessment of any property or asset, you have the opportunity to enter into a contract with us.

If you do, Lamphier’s full-time, uniformed, drug-free employees, who have all passed Level 2 background checks through the FDLE and FBI, per the Jessica Lunsford Act, will carry out the work. See why most of our work is through continued contracts, referrals, word of mouth and our reputation. If you are with a government agency, you have the option to piggyback one of our current contracts. This option is particularly attractive when you are experiencing issues such as water intrusion.