Our Services

We are the one-stop source to identify, specify and implement the most effective waterproofing, commercial coating and restoration solutions currently available. Whether a project is for Government Infrastructure, City, County, State or Federal Facilities, Public School Districts, Private Educational Institutions or Commercial Facilities, Lamphier & Company will complete the job as contracted, on time as promised.

Commercial Painting

With continuous changes in coatings technologies, we've made it our business to stay on top of the advancements for the many different coatings available. Whether protective, architectural or high-performance roof coatings, we work closely with many of the major manufacturers to be able to identify what products will work best for your building to create the best value and performance available.

The commercial painting covers a broad range of markets and services including interior and exterior painting in office buildings, apartment buildings, retail stores, condominium complexes, warehouses, hotels and more.

Commercial Coating

Coatings are virtually in our DNA. Over the past 53 years we have been involved with new coating technology in retail, distribution, inspection, specification and product development. With continual changes in coating technology, we make it our business to stay educated on the advancements of the many different materials available. When specifying protective, architectural or high-performance coatings, we work closely with major manufacturers to identify the products that are appropriate for the facility, consequently creating a sustainable result.


We maintain an exceptional understanding of all techniques required to waterproof any structure. We made it our business to understand waterproofing over 40 years ago. We now view problems with facilities as teaching and learning opportunities. We present an educational program to public agencies and audiences on “How to Avoid Mold Problems” which deals with the Building Envelope and Indoor Air Quality issues. Remedial waterproofing is the largest part of our business. We stay current with recognized authorities on building science as well as in-depth knowledge of all waterproofing materials and techniques. We communicate our findings and design a system that will stop any further water intrusion. This not only protects the integrity of the structure, but also the client’s investment.


Restoration plays an important role in keeping a property correctly maintained. As a certified General Contractor, we are acutely aware of permitting requirements. Appropriate engineers are consulted for safety and code compliance if a different engineering design solution is necessary. Concrete, wood and roof restorations are all accomplished by our full-time trained staff. Our ability to repair, restore or rebuild has been well documented.


Inspections require multiple skills: knowing the type of construction, the specific building materials, current conditions, and the building’s history. Our inspection services are available for a wide range of markets including interior and exterior painting in office buildings, apartment buildings, retail stores, condominium complexes, warehouses, hotels and more.


Lamphier & Company has been providing turn-key services since 1965. Our vast knowledge and dedication to our industry allows us to offer your company top-notch consulting services. Let us be your partner and help you transform your ideas into reality.

System Design

The first step in providing a top-quality project is to make sure its design and detailed planning are completely solid! Our comprehensive services work with you from design to submittal review, in order to provide the right systems to meet your project needs and expectations.

Contract Services

We pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of each and every client. That’s why we establish a contract for services. This specifies the service to be performed and sets an agreeable standard of completion for these services.